L.A. Clippers 2020/21. I am the Mann

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    0 Sindarius Thornwell

    Puesto: Escolta/alero
    Estatura: 1,96 m.
    Procedencia: South Carolina
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sin_City_803

    2 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander

    Puesto: Base/escolta
    Estatura: 1,98 m.
    Procedencia: Kentucky
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/shaiglalex
    Apodo: SGA

    4 Milos Teodosic

    Puesto: Base
    Estatura: 1,95 m.
    Procedencia: Serbia
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MilosTeodosic4

    5 Montrezl Harrell

    Puesto: Ala-pívot
    Estatura: 2,03 m.
    Procedencia: Louisville
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MONSTATREZZ
    Apodo: Trezz

    8 Danilo Gallinari

    Puesto: Pívot
    Estatura: 2,08 m.
    Procedencia: Italia
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/gallinari8888
    Apodo: Gallo

    9 Tyrone Wallace

    Puesto: Escolta
    Estatura: 1,95 m.
    Universidad: California
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TyWallace661

    10 Jerome Robinson

    Puesto: Escolta
    Estatura: 1,95 m.
    Procedencia: Boston College
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rome_Coldbucks1

    11 Avery Bradley

    Puesto: Base/escolta
    Estatura: 1,88 m.
    Procedencia: Texas
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Avery0Bradley

    12 Luc Richard Mbah a Moute

    Puesto: Alero
    Estatura: 2,03 m.
    Procedencia: UCLA
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mbahamoute
    Apodo: MaM, Bahamontes, Embutido

    13 Marcin Gortat

    Puesto: Pívot
    Estatura: 2,11 m.
    Procedencia: Polonia
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/MGortat
    Apodo: Hammer Polish

    15 Johnathan Motley

    Puesto: Alero
    Estatura: 2,08 m.
    Procedencia: Baylor
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/Moneymot5

    21 Patrick Beverley

    Puesto: Base
    Estatura: 1,85 m.
    Procedencia: Arkansas
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/patbev21
    Apodo: Pat-Bev

    23 Lou Williams

    Puesto: Escolta
    Estatura: 1,85 m.
    Procedencia: South Gwinnett HS
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeamLou23
    Apodo: Sweet Lou

    30 Mike Scott

    Puesto: Alero
    Estatura: 2,03 m.
    Procedencia: Virginia
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/mikescott

    31 Ángel Delgado

    Puesto: Pívot
    Estatura: 2,08 m.
    Procedencia: Setton Hall
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/AngelDelgado

    34 Tobias Harris

    Puesto: Alero
    Estatura: 2,05 m.
    Procedencia: Tennessee
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/tobias31

    51 Boban Marjanovic

    Puesto: Pívot
    Estatura: 2,21 m.
    Procedencia: Serbia
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/BobanMarjanovic
    Apodo: Bob, Mariano

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  • Cita

    Que se sabe del estado de Griffin, va a empezar la temporada al 100%? si es asi claro candidato al ROY no?


    Que si ahora mismo hubiera temporada, podría estar jugando. Es decir, ya está al 100%. Estará en Las Vegas con el equipo de la SL, pero simplemente entrenará con ellos, no participará en los partidos.

    Y sí, esta próxima temporada será rookie.

  • Lebron recibirá a los equipos que estén interesados en él (los Clippers entre ellos) en su casa de Akron:


    On Friday, Maverick Carter told Chris Broussard of ESPN that James is not planning a free-agent tour.

    "LeBron is not going on a tour," Carter said. "He never planned to go on a tour and has not been a part of any team's plans for a recruiting trip."

    James will meet with team executives at a neutral site that has yet to be determined but which will not be his home in Akron, Ohio.

    On Thursday, The Plain Dealer reported that the Knicks had made plans for an elaborate visit with James on July 1 in Manhattan.

    Broussard writes that teams were made aware of the decision from James' camp on Wednesday.

  • Como va a empezar griffin la temporada?al 100% desde la SL o hay intencion de ir introduciendolo poco a poco?tiene la rodilla totalmente recuperada?


    [color=#FF8000]The point, Ladies and Gentlemen, is that greed, for lack of a better word, is good[/color]

  • Cita de Schmoove

    Como va a empezar griffin la temporada?al 100% desde la SL o hay intencion de ir introduciendolo poco a poco?tiene la rodilla totalmente recuperada?


    Lo que dije arriba: el jugador ya está totalmente recuperado, e irá a la SL de Las Vegas, pero no jugará. Sus primeros partidos serán los de pretemporada, en octubre.

  • Casey o Del Negro. Uno de ellos parece que será el próximo técnico:



    The Clippers, who have moved as deliberately as any team in their offseason coaching search, are leaning strongly toward hiring either Vinny Del Negro or Dwane Casey, three sources confirmed to CBSSports.com.

    Unless something goes awry in the interview or negotiating process, the Clippers will be choosing between two former head coaches fired by their previous teams -- and the two finalists for the Bulls' head coaching job when Chicago hired Del Negro two years ago. Del Negro and Casey are expected to interview with team president Andy Roeser and GM Neil Olshey early next week.

    Rather than bring in a half dozen candidates for interviews, the Clippers have conducted a thorough background search on candidates before sitting down face-to-face with them. It is anticipated, but not a foregone conclusion, that the Clippers will have a coach in place in time for the start of the free-agent negotiating period that begins July 1. With an attractive young roster including Blake Griffin, Eric Gordon and No. 8 pick Al-Farouq Aminu, plus about $27 million in cap space to attract free agents, the Clippers' job actually was one of the better opportunities available on the NBA's coaching merry-go-round this summer.

    Besides the deliberative nature of the search, one of the sources with knowledge of the situation said persistent overtures from Bobcats coach Larry Brown have slowed the process. But it appears that Brown will remain in Charlotte -- and, in any event, Bobcats GM Rod Higgins presumably will require a firm commitment from his coach at some point. But Brown's inability to become a significant factor in the Clippers' search was "not for his lack of trying," the person familiar with the matter said. Another person directly involved in the process handicapped Brown's chances of landing with the Clippers as "one in a billion."

    Twitter de Sam Smith:


    I'm surprised by the Clippers coaching search approach. Just had source confirm that D. Casey and V. Del Negro will be only 2 interviewed.


    Sobre el tema de los agentes libres:

  • Según la CBS barajamos la posibilidad de JJ:


    Having said that, Hawks free agent Joe Johnson is expecting a hard sell from the Knicks in the event LeBron opts to go elsewhere. Johnson has set up shop in Los Angeles with his agent, Arn Tellem, who has an excellent relationship with Walsh. As of early Monday, Johnson had yet to schedule any free-agent visits – in L.A. or elsewhere. One person with ties to Johnson suggested a possible reason why he is 1) in L.A., and 2) in no hurry to entertain visitors. Don’t be surprised if his strong connection to Clippers GM Neil Olshey explains why Johnson is conveniently ensconced in L.A. for the purposes of signing a max deal with the Clips. As a trainer for Tellem when Johnson was entering the draft, Olshey worked with Johnson and has maintained a strong relationship with him. The Clippers situation is ideal because Johnson wouldn’t have to shoulder the burden as the franchise cornerstone, a title and responsibility that will fall on Blake Griffin. The Clippers, with enough cap space for one max player, will make their run at LeBron, but the answer is expected to be a swift and polite, “No, thanks.” At which point you can expected them to move on to Johnson as their Plan B.

    Nos mencionan como equipo supuestamente interesado en Stoudemire, pero dudo que Olshey esté de verdad interesado en su fichaje:


    Stoudemire will be receiving visitors in Los Angeles, a person close to him said. As of Sunday night, no visits had been set up. Stoudemire made a few waves over the weekend when he tweeted about having dinner in Chicago with his agent, Happy Walters, and discussing free agency. He went on to mention how good it was to see his friend, Dwyane Wade, at the Nike Skills Academy in the Windy City. (It turns out, there were numerous people at the dinner, not just Amar’e and Wade. So slow your roll, conspiratorial internet rumor mill.) But the person close to Stoudemire provided some insight into what the man they call STAT is looking for in free agency: “He wants to be in a situation where he can win, and where there’s a team around him,” the person said. “He doesn’t want to be the only guy, obviously, and he wants to be in a city he wants to be in. I think everyone forgets that a lot of these guys are going to get pursued by teams that aren’t under the cap and people are going to want to do sign-and-trades.” That’s right, the Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Heat and Clippers aren’t the only teams capable of landing a marquee free agent in the next couple of weeks.

    Un poco de caña a Olshey por la poca prisa que se está dando en la elección del entrenador:


    I guess after draft day we're all feeling pretty good about the new Clippers GM. But I'm wondering about some of his actions... first, the trade of a first round future pick for a late round pick this year. This might turn out great and might not, but without knowing the specifics of the trade (the protections) we can't really form an opinion. When will those details be forthcoming? The Clips seem to be in no hurry.

    Second, and perhaps more importantly there is the curious decision to wait and hire a coach AFTER the draft. For a while we laid it off on the "Let Lebron choose" gambit. But now the Clips are saying it will probably happen sooner than that. So, why wait until the end of June?

    I can only think of one reason: Because Neil Olshey wanted the draft to be seen as his and his alone. He wants to be GM, he sees this as his big opportunity and he wants to prove himself. He didn't want the iinterference or difference of opinion a strong coach might provide. But is this confidence on Olshey's part... or lack there of?

  • Arnovitz en clipperblog:

    Bledsoe se declara admirador de Baron:


    The gaffe of the press conference came from Bledsoe when he was asked what he admired about Baron Davis. "I like Baron's toughness. He goes out and competes every night, even though he's getting old." Oooops. It's possible that Boom Dizzle might bring a little something extra into his first head to head practice with the rookie. Then again, as one scribe quipped, "Anything that will motivate Baron is a good thing."

    Algún cachondo le está buscando ya un apodo a Aminu:


    I personally vote for "THE CHIEF" or maybe just CHIEF ... I know I know, its lofty calling someone the leader of your tribe without every seeing his prowess as a warrior in the fierce and unforgiving NBA jungle. But hear me out:

    1.) First and foremost, AFA descends from a long line of Nigerian Kings...I know we all heard that on draft day about 50 times. But still that's pedigree.

    2.) His name literally means "The Chief has arrived." Everytime I hear that in my head I start hearing a drum beat and little Simba being held out over the entire jungle in Lion King with all the denizens bowing to it.

    3.) In March 2007, Aminu was arrested for aggravated assault and trespassing for shooting a woman with a BB gun from a vehicle.

    The Chief has arrived...lets get dirty...go Clips!!!

    De nuevo, gran artículo de Pincus acerca de lo que nos puede esperar a partir del jueves:

  • El equipo que irá a la Summer League de Las Vegas. No deja de preocupar que Deandre Jordan lleve ya tres años en la NBA, y tenga que seguir yendo a Las Vegas:

    PG: Eric Bledsoe, Dashaun Wood
    SG: Willie Warren, Trey Johnson, Jeremy Richardson
    SF: Al-Farouq Aminu, Ryan Ayers, Marcus Blakely
    PF: Rod Benson
    C: DeAndre Jordan

    Ya se han presentado oficialmente AFA y Bledsoe, quienes ya tienen dorsal. Aminu ha elegido el número 3, mientras que Bledsoe jugará con el 12.

  • En Boston vuelven a hablar de que queremos a Pierce:


    Another league executive with knowledge of Schwartz’ dealings said the agent is investigating Pierce’s marketability heading into this summer’s free agent megamarket.

    The agent reportedly has looked into the interest of teams, including the Knicks and Clippers, franchises with significant cap space that may lose out on the likes of LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade.

    Tabla de agentes libres y posibles salarios:

    Chad Ford en ESPN nos apunta como un candidato firme para hacernos con Lebron. Eso sí, una muestra de su poca credibilidad es que en su twitter no nos da casi opciones de ficharlo.

  • En clipsnation hay quien plantea un posible trade con los Nuggets para traer a L.A. a Carmelo Anthony:


    If the rumors going around are correct, Carmelo Anthony will not accept the Nuggets 3 year $65,000,000.00 offer because he does not see Denver as a contender. If Melo rejects the offer, it is likely that the Nugs will try to trade him rather than let him walk at the end of next year. With a salary of $17,000,000.00 this year, do the Clippers a) have the money to sign Melo and b) do we have trade bait that Denver might want?.

    Billups is 34 and his contract is expiring soon, and they have Ty Lawson as the future point guard. But if Billups does not re-sign, then they will need a back up PG. We could offer Warren or Bledsoe but would that be enticing to the Nugs? I doubt that would be enough and we lost our 1st round pick next year in the Bledsoe deal. Rumor is the Nugs may dump Nene so maybe the Nugs would be interested Kaman even though he does not really fit into their present system. I would trade Kaman for Melo every day of the week.

    I say we should try to get Melo, but will we and can we work out something that Denver would want? I certainly hope so.

    Y algún cachondo pide una manifestación para que Cuttino (acaba de anunciar que quiere volver a jugar) y Livingston vuelvan a Clipperland:


    So, i read the fanshot earlier about mobley wanting to come back to play in the nba. While commenting in that fanshot, i decided to make a fanpost because i had more to say on this subject and some videos i wanted to share with the nation. I'de love to welcome him with open arms and even shaun livingston. Both these players were with us when we made the playoffs and made contributions and played unselfishly. I know maybe a parade might be too extreme but I was going to talk to clipper darrell today and see what he thinks about doing something creative to bring back Cat and Livy to reunite with the Caveman. Mobley is always at clipper games and he's always flashing a smile. Livingston wants a chance and i saw him play in washington and he seems to be back to basketball form. He might never be the same again but from what i saw this past season, he's got potential to be productive and washington is just packed at the pg and at every other position available. Maybe not every position but it sure does feel like it the way there taking on contracts and dealing with teams opening up more cap space in order to make a run at LeBron. WSH has livy, wall, arenas, foye and i think boykins as well. I could be wrong. thats 5 players playing the same position. Im in a rush to go somewhere so i dont have time to check their current roster. I decided to make a fanpost with some videos to refresh our minds at wat we had before and wat he could possibly have again. :) So, If this happens, here's what we COULD be looking at. PG - Davis, Bledsoe, Warren, Livingston. SG - Mobley, Gordon, Warren

    I had Warren at both pg & sg because i heard he can play both. He already said he wants to run point b/c he wants the ball in his hands to make plays but if we bring back livy, maybe slide him to the two. We could even play livingston at SG or SF due to his height and his ball handling skills. 3 point guards sounds like congestion at the position but with our luck, the injury bug is gonna hit baron davis eventually. I wish i could read into my magic 8 ball and see the future but i cant. I would hate to be the Clipper FO with so many questions lingering right now and possibly the best off-season we've had since 05-06. Not the most productive of course, that award goes to the 07-08 off-season. I know were looking to sign a big FA and we also have smith, blake, outlaw, novak, gooden, collins, brown all RFA as well. From those names, i'de rather have smith than big sofo (whose name i keep hearing come up) and blake for the right price, novak for cheap and everyone else i'll pass on.

    Real quick, in other news, Doc rivers is coming back to boston with his exact words being "I want one more run at the championship with this team" so the dream of having paul pierce come to LA is still there but the window just got ALOT smaller. My insider sources are telling me Joe johnson is leaning towards Chcago while shannon brown & jordan farmar will be opting out of their contracts since they feel they can get more PT or more money elsewhere. I dont see us getting Joe Johnson Because he's not a max player in my opinion BUT he's gonna get a max contract. New York already said to offer him the max come july 1st. Is joe johnson a max player in your opinion? Should we go after shannon brown?

    En el combinado de la D-League que jugará la SL de Las Vegas (nos enfrentaremos a ellos) hay un viejo conocido de la franquicia:

    Bennet Davis F 6-8 220 3/14/1984 Northeastern Utah Flash R
    Mike Gansey G 6-4 190 12/21/1982 West Virginia Erie BayHawks R
    Yaroslav Korolev G/F 6-8 225 5/7/1987 Russia Reno Bighorns 2
    Kurt Looby C 6-10 230 2/17/1984 Iowa Maine Red Claws R
    Jared Newson G/F 6-4 210 9/26/1984 Tennessee-Martin Sioux Falls Skyforce R
    Larry Owens G/F 6-7 205 1/8/1983 Oral Roberts Tulsa 66ers R
    Russell Robinson G 6-1 190 1/24/1986 Kansas Maine Red Claws R
    Cezary Trybanski C 7-1 240 9/22/1979 Poland Reno Bighorns 3
    Mark Tyndale G 6-5 210 1/4/1986 Temple Iowa Energy R
    Jonathan Wallace G 6-1 185 5/16/1986 Georgetown Rio Grande Valley Vipers R
    Curtis Withers F 6-8 230 8/2/1984 Charlotte Dakota Wizards R

  • Cita de McArthur

    como anda de la lesion blake griffin?

    Completamente recuperado. Irá a Las Vegas con el equipo de la SL, pero no jugará (de hecho ni está en el róster oficial), y simplemente apoyará en los entrenamientos como parte de su plan de preparación.

  • Cita de legend

    Joder Korolev esta de horas extras, va a hcer las SL con vosotros y con nosotros.

    No está en el roster de los Clippers, sino que ese es un equipo, digamos que All Star, de la liga de desarrollo que participará en la SL de Las Vegas.

    El equipo de los Clippers es este:

    PG: Eric Bledsoe, Dashaun Wood
    SG: Willie Warren, Trey Johnson, Jeremy Richardson
    SF: Al-Farouq Aminu, Ryan Ayers, Marcus Blakely
    PF: Rod Benson
    C: DeAndre Jordan

  • Coño al final Wilie Warren acabo con vosotros, interesante.

    La verdad es que os queda un equipo apañadito. A ver como moveis el cap space que os queda... Yo lo usaria para el futuro la verdad.

  • Cita de legend

    Coño al final Wilie Warren acabo con vosotros, interesante.

    La verdad es que os queda un equipo apañadito. A ver como moveis el cap space que os queda... Yo lo usaria para el futuro la verdad.

    Bastante sorprendente, y sensación en Clipperland de que puede ser el robo del draft. Y sobre el cap space, la opción de un traspaso con Denver para traer a Carmelo Anthony me gustaría bastante. Kaman, Aminu y el pick que nos deben los Wolves sería un buen precio a pagar por ello.

  • Hombre no digo q no, pero no veo yo un trade por Melo tan pronto... quizas entrado el año si la cosa sigue torcida.

    La verdad es que si pudieseis optar a rondas con ese espace tragando con algun jugador casi q os vendria mejor... por que creo q el equipo deberia crecer junto y tranquilo.

    Pero a ver... yo como a todos os recomiendo a Gay, que ultimamente parezco su agente xD

  • Ahora mismo visto lo visto yo intentaría moverme de ser Olshey así:

    1ª opción: Joe Johnson con Máx.contract
    2ª: Paul Pierce 3 años x 50/55 kilos(unos 10 más de lo que ofrezca Boston), es difícil pero aunque sea en unas proporciones 95/5 somos la 2ª opción ahora mismo.
    3ª: Melo ofreciendo a Aminu y Kaman y quizás la ronda como dice Cassell.
    4ª: Rudy Gay, al que parece que van a sobrepagar muy mucho los Nets y quizás Heisley iguale.